Alpine wildlife park

Open all year round. Open all day.
Admission free.

For the walk around the wildlife park you will need at least half an hour.

The walk starts near the restaurant Berghaus Pfänder with the kids favourites:
The dwarf goats, rabbits and "pot bellied” pigs.

Right next door a herd of ibexes (alpine mountain goats) is showing off their amazing climbing abilities.

Further on are the wild boar, ancestors of the domestic pig.

Next on are the moufflons. The rams can be easily recognised by their large curved horns.

The largest enclosure is home of the red deer. In October the stags roar out their unmistakable rutting call.

After passing the entrance of the eagle observatory, we visit the inhabitants of our last enclosure, the marmots. From mid October until mid March they hibernate in their branched out hollows.

Directly after the cable-car station, you will find yourself at the entrance of the Berghaus Pfänder.

Hungry or thirsty? Time for a break in the restaurant Berghaus.
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